This Week in Review – 06/19/2015


Whether I’m going somewhere or reading a book, I constantly research the things going on in my life. I read a stack of gallery reviews, author interviews, and recipes every week. This week, I thought I would share with you the things I’ve come across while preparing for my first book club meeting (more on that later!), a pot luck I’m attending tonight, and two exhibits I visited. I arranged this week’s links by event.

Book ClubFirst, let me tell you that our first book was All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr, so you’ll understand all of the Doerr related links. 


PotluckI’m meeting a few girlfriends for a potluck dinner tonight. As you may know, it’s Ramadan, so I will be breaking fast and celebrating with one of my friends. I’m so excited to get to spend this very special time with her! 

Exhibits – I visited the Dominique Levy gallery last week, as well as the Museum of Biblical Arts (on the very last day it was open!)


Cafritz Fountain, Alexander Calder, 1966

  • The Dominique Levy gallery had an Alexander Calder exhibit that I visited on my lunch break last week. It was a very well put-together show and I have been thinking a lot about it. Read more about it here: Multum in Parvo 

For me, Calder is the only artist who’s been able, over and over again, to go from the miniature to the monumental, and the monumental to the miniature, to the point of wondering, “is miniature not monumental”? – Levy on the Calder exhibit


Prophet, Donatello, 1435

What is considered one of Donatello’s most famous sculptures, Prophet was on view at the Museum of Biblical Arts in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the United States! I tried my best to find a picture of this sculpture dressed as the Statue of Liberty and was sadly disappointed. Come on, Internet!

“Woe betide him who says to the wood, ‘Wake up,’ / to the dead stone, ‘Bestir yourself’.

How ironic is it then (or brilliant?) for Donatello to do the very thing that his Prophet warned him against?

PS – I know all I’ve posted recently are This Week in Reviews, but we have a great batch of new posts and series coming to you starting next Monday! I’m so excited to work all weekend to show you!

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