If Catch-22 Characters were Famous Paintings

I’m currently on Chapter 12 of Catch-22. I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking notes to keep track of the characters that appear in the book. As I have been jotting down names, quick descriptions & anecdotes, I started thinking about which paintings I would pick, if these characters were famous paintings. I’ll be presenting these in batches, as inspiration strikes.

Clevinger — 

“In short, he was a dope. He often looked to Yossarian like one of those people hanging around modern museums with both eyes together on one side of a face.”

man with a lollipop

Pablo Picasso, Man with a Lollipop

Dori Duz —

Dori Duz was a lively little tart of copper-green and gold who loved doing it best in toolsheds, phone booths, field houses and bus kiosks. There was little she hadn’t tried and less she wouldn’t. She was shameless, slim, nineteen, and aggressive. She destroyed egos by the score and made men hate themselves in the morning for the way she found them, used them and tossed them aside.

Edward Hopper Automat

Edward Hopper, Automat

What do you think? What paintings would you pick for your favorite characters?

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