The Bloody Mary Club: Boulud Sud

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boulud sud

This month, we took on a New York staple – Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud. Located on a quiet street between Broadway and Central Park West, the entrance to the restaurant is quaint and unassuming. In fact, Iris had trouble finding it! The decor inside is very traditional and old-school. The service was awful, but the food and drinks were both delicious. Iris and I quickly ordered drinks while we waited for Richa to show up (only 30 minutes late this time!) Boulud Sud is very sneaky, because there is no Bloody Mary on their menu, so you have to ask for it specifically.

That makes today’s Bloody Mary post especially tricky, because without a menu to read from, we still have no idea what the name of this drink is or how the restaurant would describe it. All that I have to go off are my own tastebuds and what I could find on the Internet. Boulud Sud serves a “Provençal-style Mediterranean cuisine” and has created a Mediterranean-inspired Bloody Mary as well. There are thin strips of fresh basil in the drink, so be prepared to slurp and chew a little of your drink. I did not look like a lady, but what’s a little slurping among friends, right? The drink has a hint of curry instead of the traditional worcestershire and tabasco. Richa and I both really liked it. Iris usually doesn’t like curry, but even she agreed that the drink was delicious and not too overpowering. I personally would have liked a little more kick, whether it was a little spice or a little more curry. Until I can find out what this drink is called, I’ll refer to it as the Curry Mary.

boulud sud bloody mary

Can you see the little slivers of basil peeking out at you?

As a bonus, I thought I’d share the drink that Iris ordered in lieu of the Curry Mary. Iris ordered the Cantando Lupo, which consisted of vodka, cantaloupe puree, and was topped with a thick slice of Jamon Serrano, or ham. Richa told us that ham and melon is a very traditional Mediterranean pairing, which made the choice a lot more reasonable than we had originally believed. Her drink was very light and refreshing – nothing at all like the fake and syrup-y melon flavored bubble teas out there! I would highly recommend you channel your inner BMC (Bloody Mary Club) and order one of each if you ever find yourself here for brunch.

boulud sud

Cantando Lupo

As for the food, we ordered a LOT of food, which is how I know my friends and I are perfect for each other. If you go, I would recommend their take on steak & eggs, Pimenton Spiced Steak & Egg, if you like savory breakfast, and the lemon ricotta pancakes if you have a sweet tooth. The Mediterranean Mezze was an excellent starter to share, although I wish they gave more chips and bread. Food that I didn’t think was worth it: the churros, the brunch pizza, and the house made ice creams. I told you we ordered a lot! Next month, we will be hitting up Clinton Street Baking and trying the Clinton St. Bloody Mary. Stay tuned!


Cheat Sheet:

Curry Mary
Liquor Base: Vodka (I think)
Viscosity/Texture: Thin, with chunks of basil
Spice: Not spicy, but flavored with curry
Fixin’s: Cherry tomato & a pickle
Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Boulud Sud is located at 20 West 64th Street, New York, NY 10023.

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