This Week in Review: 09/04/2015

This Week in Review

Can you believe it’s already September? It’s Labor Day weekend for us in the US, which means that it’s the last hoo-rah for Summer. I hope you all wear sunscreen and eat watermelon and spend time playing in the sun with your family, friends, cats, or books!

We have a hodgepodge of links to share this week – have fun clicking!


  • This is so fascinating to me – have you ever really thought about hair streams?

There are questions of such vast, cosmic import that most of us never think to ask them. I’ve wondered why there’s something rather than nothing; I have pondered the nature of objectivity; I’ve questioned the existence of free will. But I’ve never asked why some hairs on my body grow in one direction, and other hairs an entirely different direction.

That’s where Walter Aubrey Kidd comes in. He was not like you or me; his was a mind so restive, so thick with a passion for inquiry, that no mystery, however impregnable, was safe from its advances. And so it was that in 1903 he bequeathed to us The Direction of Hair in Animals and Man, taking a fine-tooth comb to a subject most of us had hardly seen fit to tousle.

This week, we posted:

  1. Kimberly discussed the Japanese Art of Ikebana
  2. She also explored the history behind Tsukumogami
  3. Jessica reminisced on the books she read in August

As always, please feel free to comment with any links you would like to share for next week!

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