This Week in Review: 09/04/2015

This Week in Review

Can you believe it’s already September? It’s Labor Day weekend for us in the US, which means that it’s the last hoo-rah for Summer. I hope you all wear sunscreen and eat watermelon and spend time playing in the sun with your family, friends, cats, or books!

We have a hodgepodge of links to share this week – have fun clicking!


  • This is so fascinating to me – have you ever really thought about hair streams?

There are questions of such vast, cosmic import that most of us never think to ask them. I’ve wondered why there’s something rather than nothing; I have pondered the nature of objectivity; I’ve questioned the existence of free will. But I’ve never asked why some hairs on my body grow in one direction, and other hairs an entirely different direction.

That’s where Walter Aubrey Kidd comes in. He was not like you or me; his was a mind so restive, so thick with a passion for inquiry, that no mystery, however impregnable, was safe from its advances. And so it was that in 1903 he bequeathed to us The Direction of Hair in Animals and Man, taking a fine-tooth comb to a subject most of us had hardly seen fit to tousle.

This week, we posted:

  1. Kimberly discussed the Japanese Art of Ikebana
  2. She also explored the history behind Tsukumogami
  3. Jessica reminisced on the books she read in August

As always, please feel free to comment with any links you would like to share for next week!

This Week in Review – 8/28/2015

This Week in Review

I can’t believe this is our last weekend in August! This year has really flown by. Things have been a little insane for both of us this week, so we’ll leave you with two jokes to start the weekend on the right foot.

What’s the difference between a hippo and a zippo?

One’s really heavy and the other is a little lighter!

Two scientists walk into a bar. The first one says “I’ll have some H2O.” The second one says, “I’ll have some H2O too.” Then he dies.

We hope your weekend is full of sunshine and laughter! What are some of your favorite goofy jokes?

This Week in Review: 8/21/2015

This Week in Review

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are the things we’ve been looking at this week:

Grow Up

  • We are obsessed with Katarina Pridavkova‘s sculpture project called Grow Up. I would watch a movie that takes place in this little town – wouldn’t you?

dismaland banksy


Learning the alphabet gave you night terrors, and even now you have a deep seated fear of being mauled by a bear.


1. To realize the pattern of ruin plaguing your life is not a result of chronic bad luck, but poor foresight and compulsive self-destruction.

2. There’s a bat in your hair! Get it out!

This Week We Posted:

bears in pool

And finally, we hope your weekend is as lovely as this bear family playing in a pool!

This Week in Review – 08/07/2015

This Week in Review

Hello, August! The weather has been superb here in New York, and I have been spending all of my free time out and about. We have been trying to become more politically aware, especially with the upcoming elections. Here are some things that we’ve been reading this week.


Jefferson believed that Natives should give up their own cultures, religions, and lifestyles to assimilate to western European culture and a European-style agriculture, which was more efficient.

Jeb Bush met up with his brother George to play a friendly game of Ping-Pong. When Jeb hit the ball, he would say “Jeb,” and when George hit the ball, he would also say “Jeb.” After Jeb explained to George that he should, in fact, be saying “George,” they laughed, posed for a photo, and said “Bush.”

Just for fun:

this ring is not nearly big enough to make up for your face

this ring is
not nearly big enough to make up for your face

hedgehog life

This week, we posted:

This weekend, I am celebrating a friend’s birthday, reading a really depressing book, and hopefully watching Fantastic Four. Wherever you are, I hope you have a good book and a great snack! What are your plans?

This Month in Review: 07/31/2015

This Week in Review

Can you believe tomorrow is going to be August? 2015 is flying by, and I’m not ready! This month has been a whirlwind for both of us. Between the two of us, we were in six states, watched six movies, and sent about 153,000 texts back and forth (just kidding, maybe!) We thought it’d be fun to share one-sentence reviews for all of the movies we saw this month.

Jurassic World: Roles of technology and dinos advance while roles for women regress.

A Little Chaos: Watch Kate Winslet look good in everything.

Inside Out: It’s okay to be sad sometimes, too.

Mr. Holmes: It’s heartbreaking to watch Sherlock Holmes try to remember the last case he took on.

Me, Earl & the Dying Girl: One hundred times better than The Fault in Our Stars.

Infinitely Polar Bear: The director tries too hard to do too much, but the children really shine.


Bonus Links:

This Week in Review – 7/24/2015

This Week in Review

If you haven’t noticed, Kimberly is out on vacation this week, so I’ve been trying to hold down the fort without her! I’ve broken down this week into two categories for you. It’s short and sweet – Art & Fun!



This week, we posted:

This weekend, I’ll be going to brunch with the Bloody Mary Club, an outdoor concert, and stopping by the Guggenheim. What are your plans?