Interpreter of Maladies – “Sexy”

A saleswoman took one look at the paper and began to open drawers. She produced an oblong cake of soap in a black case, a hydrating mask, a vial of cell renewal drops, and two tubes of face cream. – Lahiri

The third book I am reading this summer is Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. In the short story “Sexy”, Miranda enjoys walking through the cosmetic department, where she sees a man buying the above items for his wife. I also think there is something soothing and pleasing about browsing high-end cosmetics, but I’ve never bought any. I’ve done some browsing on etsy and this is perhaps what I would put on my list; what would be on yours?


Cosmetic Bag


Coconut and Rose Lip Balm


Sage and Lemongrass Shaving Cream


Citrus and Sea Salt Soap


Honeysuckle Lotion


A Matcha Green Tea and Jasmine Set


Aromatherapy Charm (which I didn’t know was a thing)


And a very summer-y Red Berry and Sea Salt Body Scrub


And these are fancy bathroom soaps too much fun 🙂

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion – a Pairing


Acrylic study per Emil Nolde by Zdenka Better

I did not understand what was happening, but I, too, left the Golden Temple and began running along the edge of the pond. When I reached the girl, the long-legged American had already caught up with her and was grasping her by the lapels of her red overcoat. – Mishima

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion – excerpt

Three parts of the temple were strikingly white – the roofs of the Kukyocho and the Choondo and the little roof of the Sosei. The rest of the uninhabited building was dark, and there was rather something fresh about the blackness of the complicated, wooden structure that stood out in relief against the snow. — Mishima

zozoji temple Zozoji Temple in Snow by Kawase Hasui

kinkakuji temple Kinkaku-ji Temple (which the novel is based off of) covered in snow in real life!

The other prints of Zozoji Temple in Snow by Hasui are also excellent and can be found here.