Frida at the New York Botanical Gardens

These are some of the photos that I took when I went to the New York Botanical Garden’s Frida exhibit, which “reimagines the iconic artist’s famed garden and studio at the Casa Azul, her lifelong home in Mexico City.”

One of my many new hobbies is learning how to use my new digital camera. One of my friends is so lovely and teaching me all about F-stops and apertures. It involves a lot of patience and practice, and I’m taking every opportunity to take photos.

The lines were very long to see the Frida sketches and paintings, but the walk through the gardens were lovely. I was a little too entranced and crowded to take photos the first half of the day, but I came to my senses and took a few in the second half.

After we walked through the gardens, we laid around in the softest grass and took a nap. It was absolutely lovely, and I might go again (maybe twice!) before the show closes in November.

This Week in Review – 06/12/2015



For some fun weekend e-window shopping,

Finally, I’ll leave you with a music video.

This weekend, I’m planning on pulling out my watercolors, making a new collage, and checking out some new (to me) museums. What about you?