This Month in Review: 07/31/2015

This Week in Review

Can you believe tomorrow is going to be August? 2015 is flying by, and I’m not ready! This month has been a whirlwind for both of us. Between the two of us, we were in six states, watched six movies, and sent about 153,000 texts back and forth (just kidding, maybe!) We thought it’d be fun to share one-sentence reviews for all of the movies we saw this month.

Jurassic World: Roles of technology and dinos advance while roles for women regress.

A Little Chaos: Watch Kate Winslet look good in everything.

Inside Out: It’s okay to be sad sometimes, too.

Mr. Holmes: It’s heartbreaking to watch Sherlock Holmes try to remember the last case he took on.

Me, Earl & the Dying Girl: One hundred times better than The Fault in Our Stars.

Infinitely Polar Bear: The director tries too hard to do too much, but the children really shine.


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