Restaurant Review: Osteria Mozza

osteria mozza

We have been pretty obsessed with Masterchef for the last few years. Joe Bastianich appeared as a judge on the show for the first five seasons of the show, so naturally when I was in Los Angeles, we really wanted to go to one of his restaurants. Osteria Mozza is a joint venture between Joe Bastianich, Mario Batali, and Nancy Silverton. Reservations were pretty hard to come by, so we grabbed the only availability we could find on (5pm!), put on nice dresses, and fought through the terrible Los Angeles traffic to pay a visit to our second favorite Masterchef judge.


Sorry, you’re only our second favorite, Joe!



J: I’m really happy they were able to hold our reservation for an extra 40 minutes while we were stuck in traffic. The service made me feel like a princess or like it was a very special occasion.

K: Everyone was so nice! They make you feel like you are a very important guest.


Photograph from Osteria Mozza’s website


K: I would say this was more modern than a typical Italian restaurant.

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