The Definitive List

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A definitive ranking of the Bloody Marys that we’ve tried and written about here, in order from our favorite to least favorite.

  1. Jacob’s Pickles – Bloody BLT
  2. Cookshop – Pickled Mary + BLT Mary
  3. Bespoke Kitchen – Mary’s Walk of Shame
  4. Sarabeth’s – Pickled Bloody Mary
  5. ABC Kitchen – abck mary
  6. The East Pole – Bloody Mary
  7. Boulud Sud – “Curry Mary”*
  8. ABC Cocina – Sherry Mary
  9. Delicatessen – Stacked Mary
  10. NoMad – Traditional Mary**
  11. P.J. Clarke’s – Original Clarke’s Bar Bloody Mary
  12. The Smith – Bloody Mary
  13. Oyamel – Bloody Maria
  14. Penelope – Sake Bloody Mary
  15. Jack’s Wife Freda – Bloody Mary
  16. The East Pole – Spicy Maria
  17. NoMad – Sherry Mary**

* I made up this name, because I have no idea what it’s called. Read the post to find out why!

** We tried two Bloody Marys at the NoMad – we loved one and hated the other which is why I’ve listed NoMad here twice.

What should we try next? Would you rank things differently? Leave your suggestions and thoughts below!

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